Places to travel in Nepal

Here are some amazing places you might not want to miss if you wish to travel to Nepal.


Pokhara is a mesmerizing place gifted with intense beauties of Nature. Stood in the foothills of the Annapurna range, it is a place with outstanding landscapes and boundless natural beauties.


Gosaikunda is a place having immense blend of nature and culture. Stood at about 4,380m above sea level, it is truly a place which won’t fail to amaze you.


Want a taste of Buddhist culture and architecture? Visit Swoyambhunath. The stupa located in Swoyambhu hill of Kathmandu valley, will take you to an adventure of cultural awakening.

The Himalayas

It isn’t fair to travel Nepal and not visit the Himalayas! The Himalayan range consists of many mountain peaks ranging up to 8848m. The astonishing yet stunning views are sure to capture your heart.

The Durbar Squares

The durbar squares hold knowledge on most of the events that ever occurred in Nepali history. Consisting of varying styles of architecture and historical pieces of art, these places will give you lifetime experiences.